Danger's Prize at sunset

Danger's Prize at sunset

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The best part of a Danger excursion? The guests!

The weather is warming up and spring is right around the corner! That means one thing: Danger Charters is out exploring the Florida Keys back country waters every day.

One of the best parts of any trip with Danger is the variety of people we meet from around the world. Just the other day we had an eco-tour with 3 generations of guests. Bob and Irene from Nova Scotia (that's in Canada, boys and girls) are retired and hitting all the tropical hot spots on a 7-week vacation. John and Gina are working stiffs from Cincinnati, Ohio who left the kids with grandma and took a jet plane to somewhere sunny and 75°. And we also had the pleasure of spending the day with Dylan and Briana; a couple of college students from Kentucky. If something on the boat broke, Dylan was going to grab his tools to make sure we got home!

Come out with us and tell us your stories!

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Nate stretching out a semi-true story.

Chart talk, flora and fauna, plus a little local history.

Couples who snorkel together stay together.

Snorkel selfie.

Look mom, no hands!

Mangrove cruisin'.

Briana, Dylan, and blue skies!

Left to Right: Irene, Bob, Crewman Nate, Dylan, Briana, Captain Tony, Gina, John. Everybody say "Danger"!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Key West Sunsets with Danger Charters

We love watching the sunsets in Key West, Florida out on our sunset sail. These are some great shots we got this week.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Blue Angels are coming in April. This is sure to be a spectacular show. A few years ago Danger Charters did this trip and we went snorkeling and to a sandbar. Everyone had a blast and some guest took great photos. We hope to see you this year. https://www.dangercharters.com/special-events/blue-angels-snorkel-trip/

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 was awesome! Thank you for a great year!!

Happy 2016!

Spent this morning looking back over everything we did in 2015 and was blown away. Not only did we share Danger, Danger's Prize, and Sarah with over 10,000 friends, we had a blast doing it. We were blessed with many new friends and family members to the great Danger team. Sadly, we lost a few as well, but we remember them with only the fondest memories.

Thanks so much for spending a small part of your time in Key West with us. Can't wait to have you on board again!

Here are a few of our favorite moments we wanted to share...