Danger's Prize at sunset

Danger's Prize at sunset

Monday, July 20, 2015

Coral Camp 7/15/15

Danger Charters teamed up with Reef Relief again for Coral Camp! 

And I was lucky enough to go!!!! 
It was such an amazingly beautiful day... smiles everywhere. 
 Wil showing us how to use our snorkeling gear. 
Water temp this time of year is around 82 degrees...

Finally time to get in the water!!!!!! 

Which seriously feels amazing....

One of the mate's, Marcel, helping the kids in and out of the water. 

Sea Ray!!!!! Check it out!!!!! 

Us girls chilling out after all that snorkeling. 

Captain Wade is so cool. He always makes sure we have the best time ever. 

Such a good day in the back country! 

Carly, from Reef Relief, is pretty amazing