Danger's Prize at sunset

Danger's Prize at sunset

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We celebrated earth day today by going out to keep our islands clean and green. We had an overwhelming response when we first mentioned this trip and we are so excited. It is such a blessing to live in a place where the people really care about the environment around them. We couldn't have been happier with the turn out and if we didn't have room for you this year, we look forward to having you on board next time.

 A big shout out to those who took the time on their day off to come out and help!!! Not only are these places located in PARADISE, they come highly recommended by us here at Danger. The Avalon on upper Duval is gorgeous...Thank you Lynn for coming out with us. Shaun from the Waldorf Astoria properties, The Casa Marina and The Reach...HUGE THANKS! The lovely ladies Heather and Elena from The Banyan... Love you! Joyce from Rent Key West...you are a ROCK STAR! Mary, as always, we appreciate you so much. Historic Key West Inns is lucky to have you. A HUGE THANKS TO REEF RELIEF!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

 Thanks again everyone!!!! Let's keep the 'GO GREEN' spirit alive all year here in the Keys and everywhere else!!!!


Hello from the Backcountry!!!! Welcome to Adventures With Danger Girl!!!  It's my birthday so I took the day to come out on our Premium Eco Tour here at Danger Charters and I am always in awe when I am lucky enough to spend the day in the lakes. Key West Wildlife Refuge is one of the most amazing places on the planet and it's in our backyard. Soooo...
We started the day by sailing out West toward the lakes to do the snorkeling portion of the trip. No one else was out there so we go to pick up the mooring ball off Cottrell Key. AND IT WAS EPIC! The water was so warm and so clear.

 Along with a variety of fish, we saw sooooo many sting rays....
It was like everywhere you turned their they were. I love the sound of being under water. It reminds me of when it is lightly snowing on the slopes. The sound of nothing. Absolutely beautiful. 

These guys are a rare sight... and even rarer to get a picture of.... Look at how beautiful they are!!!! I am so pleased with my new GoPro and can't wait to get out and use it again.

See this little guy poking his head out of the sand? Best to keep your eyes peeled! You never know! Cottrell is not only good for snorkeling but we were in the perfect location to hop on the kayaks and go explore the bird life of the keys as well as the even shallower water surrounding the island and we were not let down.

 We bring the kayaks out with us on the boat and launch with ease. After paddling over to the island we paddled into a green room to learn more about how and what a mangrove actually is. Nate, our guide did an excellent job of explaining how the eco system works and who and what likes to live out there.

I even got a birthday Massage!!!!!!!

 Good enough reason for me to go again! At Danger Charters we just want to remind you to Sail More and Work Less. Life is short enough as it is. It's time to enjoy.
See you next time for Adventures with Danger Girl!!!!!!