Danger's Prize at sunset

Danger's Prize at sunset

Monday, June 29, 2015

Another day out in the backcountry with DangerGirl! 
Captain Janet

Cody, one of the mates 

Summer time in the Florida Keys is absolutely amazing. The water is warm and clear and the wild life is out ready to play. 

So is the crew at Danger Charters!!!! 

More of Captain Janet! 

Danger anchored out for the snorkeling portion of the trip.
 Sometimes you have to put on your very serious snorkel face to begin such an epic adventure... 
 The water was so clear, the fish were so bright. I love it so much. The coral heads and sponge gardens of the back country that Danger goes to visit is home to so many various types of sea life. It's sometimes overwhelming for me to take it all in. 

If you follow them, they show you all the good spots 

And the crew is amazing. 

Dinner!!! It's like he knows it's not lobster season! 

So much beauty....

The crew is pretty easy on the eyes. 

We saw Danger's Prize while we were out! Hope they were having as much fun as we were!!!! 

Captain Janet getting every one set up for the kayaking portion of our trip. We got to paddle to this island here. 

and it was so awesome. We were led by our two wonderful guides, Cody and Joe. 

And again had one of the best days ever. If you haven't been out in the back country n a while it's time to get out. 

And we want to take you!!!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015


On Wednesday June 10th we had our first ever Danger Charters/Reef Relief Coral Camp snorkel trip.

It was a blast. On board we had 25 fun loving kids super excited to go snorkeling.

 Captain Tony and crew Joe and Haig lead the trip for Danger along with Mil, Lindsey,Dani,Sammy and Carly from Reef Relief. 

 We took out Danger's Prize to the Key West National Wildlife Refuge and on the way out Joe had the kids help him raise the sails and took time to show them on a chart where we were heading.

Once in the refuge Captain Tony found a nice calm sponge garden to snorkel.

 All suited up and ready to go we jumped in and started finding all sorts of cool things. Mil, Dani, Kelly, Lindsey, Sammy, Carly and Haig lead the kids around and they ended up seeing stingrays,lobster,angel fish, trigger fish,butterfly fish, parrot fish and lots of huge sponges, Some of the kids even dove under so they could pose for the camera.

After snorkeling we made our way back home and decided to have have a dance off. So we cranked up Katie Perry and what happened next well you just had be there. What great time. We want to thank all the kids and the wonderful staff at Reef Relief for letting us be apart of this. 
 Coral Camp 2015 HERE WE GO!!!!!!!